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For those who fancy more depth, the app offers plenty of alternate sounds, automated morphing, and the ability to save patterns to the sidebar, which you switch between with a tap.

So it’s fun whether writing songs or just playing with sound and color.

Beyond the exercises, the app enables you to track your weight and set the gap between exercises, which are regularly switched during the routine.

The only downside is not being able to block specific exercises if, for example, you don’t have access to a chair, or cannot perform them due to accessibility reasons.

is a video app designed to feed your curiosity, by watching smart people talk about all kinds of subjects.

Although the organization’s name stands for ‘Technology, Entertainment, Design’, it’s fundamentally interested in ideas. Along with a standard search, you can have the app ‘surprise you’ with something courageous, beautiful, or fascinating, and revisit favorites by delving into your watch history and liked talks, which sync across devices.

Example talks we watched during testing included a piece about screen time for kids (and why related fears are not true), not suffering in silence from depression, and mind-blowing magnified portraits of insects. TED’s perhaps not an app you’ll open daily, but it’s a breath of fresh air when you desire brain food rather than typical telly. It provides access to over 35,000 recipes, and offers a magazine-like presentation.

Some instruments use the bottom two rows for drum sounds.In fact, the app as a whole is very pleasant to use, offering the right balance between trying to help and getting out of your way when you’re busy painting.And as a final neat touch, if you’re stuck for inspiration there are some coloring book pages thrown in for free.Flicking back and forth between filters and results can irk, but the app at least does so quickly and efficiently.The actual recipe pages are a touch basic – there’s no hand-holding like the step-by-step photos you get in .

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Although it’s perhaps a stretch to call them totally realistic, they all offer pleasing results.

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