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Abusive or intimidating behavior toward employees

They can establish and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships based on cooperation.

They resist inappropriate social pressure; constructively prevent, manage and resolve interpersonal conflict; and seek and provide help when needed.

Responsibilities of the West Virginia Department of Education Section 3.

This is the promise we make to our students, parents and educators and the obligation we have to the taxpayers of West Virginia.

Our vision is to provide an education that supports students to develop into healthy, responsible, and self-directed citizens who have the knowledge and Global21 skills to lead satisfying and productive lives.

Within this vision is a goal for all students to develop the personal skills and dispositions of wellness, responsibility, self-direction, ethical character, cultural awareness and good citizenship in an environment that is caring and safe.

This vision has placed a great responsibility on schools to sustain a democratic culture.

To accomplish this charge, schools must deliberately focus on conveying democratic principles through the explicit curriculum and through the implicit learning that is affected by the manner in which all individuals within a school interact with one another.

They apply these decision-making skills in academic and social situations and are motivated to contribute to the well-being of their schools and communities.Dispositions are affected by beliefs and attitudes related to values such as caring, fairness, honesty, responsibility and social justice.Ideally, the teaching and learning of these valued dispositions should be the shared responsibility of every school employee, student, parent and community member and these stakeholders should be engaged in supporting the development of these dispositions. School and Community Social Skills Standards Schools shall support and promote social and emotional learning in all settings.A variety of models may be used to provide instruction in and opportunities to practice, apply and be recognized for social and emotional learning skills.Competence in the use of these skills is promoted in the context of safe and supportive school, family and community learning environments in which students feel valued, respected, connected to and engaged in learning.

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Social and emotional learning is also addressed in various county board of education policies, procedures and programs.

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