Accomodating gender equity

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He described plans to build a futuristic city run solely on alternative energy.A promotional video for his proposed development shows women running in sports bras and working alongside men in co-ed offices without the hijab covering their heads.One explanation for women’s sudden success is that Becker was right.The early ’80s saw a wave of deregulation, and the start of a steady increase in trade as a percent of GDP.It may seem like a minor change, but it’s actually a big step on Saudi Arabia’s road to gender equality.The country, known for restricting women’s rights in the name of religion, is finally allowing women to attending sporting events in stadiums.

Instead the report suggests approaches such as deregulating Japan's daycare and the nursing care industries, reforming immigration laws, making tax and social security regulations gender neutral, encouraging the private sector to embrace flexible work arrangements, and working on campaigns to dispel gender myths in Japanese society in general.

The gender wage gap barely budged between the 1950s and the early '80s, with women making about 60 percent of what men made.

But between 19, women’s earnings rose from this 60 percent to about 74 percent of what men made.

Just as minimally restrained capitalism can be good for workplace gender equality, workplace gender equality can be good for the economy.

Earlier this week, Goldman Sachs Group released a report saying that Japan's economic output would soar if more women participated in the labor market.

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"Japan can no longer afford not to leverage half its population," the "Womenomics 4.0" report stated.

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