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I searched around & this seemed like the thing I needed. Anywhere you can get electricity, you could put an old i Phone or i Pod in a ziplock bag/watertight container with the charger and get a stable, consistent video feed.

The fake "girls" on Tinder will explain to you that the site needs your credit card information to verify your age.

If both people "like" one another they are connected through an in-app chat feature.

According to the blog post, the fake accounts only chat with you if you chat them first.

FEATURES- Choose video resolution and quality- Toggle audio streaming- Use front or back camera- Toggle light- Stream to multiple browsers simultaneously- Record and download MPG Video directly in the browser (video only)Works with all modern browsers, including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Mobile Safari, Chrome for Android, Internet Explorer and Opera.(In theory, Microsoft's Edge Browser would work as well, but its default settings prevent it from connecting to local IP addresses – please just use another browser) I just downloaded this app and am very impressed with the minimalist nature of the app and the good video quality and minimal latency.

Low latency is very important for my "camera backup" application where the app runs on an i Phone looking out the back window of my Airstream trailer that is connected, via a local network, to an i Pad running safari in the truck cab.

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