Bret michaels still dating taya

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- Bret's not feeling a connection with any of the existing girls, so he adds three newbies to the tour.

He then gets upset when everybody's totally fine with it, and the home viewing audience gets to bask in the glow of his crippling insecurity.

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I’m sure Bret Michaels has a ton to teach us about beating the odds given he has the worst kind of diabetes known to man and he still finds energy, health and time to dedicate to what he knows best: music, supporting our troops and veterans and canoodling with 80s-haired wanna-be vixens. [Side note: I own all three seasons of Bret Michael’s Rock of Love.

- Two buses plus 20 skanks plus one aging rock star equals a tragic sort of amusement for us, the home viewing audience. And, in sad news for fishes everywhere, Inna Tuna is sent back to the sea.Meanwhile, Kami voluntarily gets off the bus, Kelsey learns that speedbumps are always there for you in tough times, and Taya's real name is Laurie! Mindy is the MVP and quite possibly is devirginized as a reward.Bret gets some sad news on the road, and shows some common sense in realizing that a bus full of skanks is not the best environment for someone who's just lost a family member.- While Jes gets to know Bret better, we learn that Erin possibly wants to "wait on" Justin Timberlake and Heather possibly "banged" Vanilla Ice.Bret, who has possibly lost his ability to flow like a harpoon daily and nightly, is perturbed.

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