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Chat sex thumberland

His body flopped onto the floor and he layed there in shock but giggling. Instead he pulled his upper body up and pushed me in return.My body flopped onto the floor in the opposite direction.

The tenderness of his lips kissing my neck was remarkable. As Bill slowly enter my butt, I raised my ass onto his cock creating a loud smacking noise. Bill then rolled on his back, put his arms through my arms and against the back o my head.

I saw Bill's smiling face as he grabbed my wrists and pinned me to the floor.

"Haha, you fell for it" Bill shouted, smiling with his face now bright red from all he laughter, I looked deep into his blue eyes and smiled, "I guess I did, now ..." before I could finish my sentance Bill's face came closer to mine.

Bill let out a loud scream, rolled over into the side of the box, holding his leg.

Concerned, I turned him over worrying I had hurt him.

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