Codependent dating relationships professional black dating

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Codependent dating relationships

Cancers must retreat into their shell, go “No Contact,” on the narcissist and “Feel” their way out of love with the toxic narcissistic.

Once the Cancer comes out of hiding, their mind and heart will be clear, precise and all-knowing.

They will depend on others easily like a child and therefore become codependent in a rather innocent and naive way.

The Gemini will try to “Talk it out,” with the narcissistic using their excellent communication skills, blatant honesty and logic to resolve issues with the narcissist until they realize that trying to reason with a narcissist is like trying to nail jello to a tree. When the Gemini realizes they can’t talk out their problems with a narcissist, they will begin to slip away and prepare to leave the narc behind.

It is vital that Gemini’s study psychology and become keenly aware of their intuitive abilities at a very young age to prevent becoming prey to narcissism.The cancer must learn to cut off their nurturing side and feel the toxic emotions and turmoil that the narcissist in inflicting upon them.When Cancers internalize the toxic emotions caused by the narcissist, they will gather the strength to leave.Gemini’s typically don’t believe what is being shown to them in front of their own eyes until it’s too late. Children are often victimized because they don’t know any better.With age, Gemini’s tend to harden and become more skeptical after they’ve been burned 6 or 7 times.

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