Consolidating data in excel 2016

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If you use this along with the Tables feature, you can create a pivot table that will automatically pick up new rows from every sheet, as well as updating existing rows.

Before beginning, I'd first recommend converting all of your data into Tables.

It's also not capable of automatically picking up new rows from your source data.

In the following example, I want to summarize the total score of four terms for each student.

See screenshots: The score of first term: The score of second term: The score of third term: The score of fourth term: Now I can use the Consolidate function to summarize the data from multiple worksheets into single worksheet, please do as follows: 1.

For example, this simple pivot table allows you to select a month and week and see the average scores for each agent: You should have no trouble creating a pivot table like this one using the skills taught in Expert Skills Session Five: Pivot Tables.

Specifically, you might want to take a look at the following lessons: Expert Skills Lesson 5-1: Create a pivot table Expert Skills Lesson 5-6 Apply a simple filter and sort to a pivot table Expert Skills Lesson 5-7 Use report filter fields While this is the approach that I recommend taking, there is a 'secret' Excel feature that allows you to create a consolidated pivot table from several sheets.

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Supposing you have a workbook which contains multiple worksheets, and each worksheet has the identical layout.