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Additionally, there are 60 or more high schools, yeshivas, in Lakewood, most for males only, some for females only, and a few co-educational.

In the Asbury Park Press’ otherwise admirable and helpful coverage of Lakewood schools, the Vaad, busing, overcrowding, public housing and the budget, one missing distinction is between the Modern Orthodox and the Haredi Jewish communities.Jailed kosher meat executive Sholom Rubashkin, whose Iowa-based meatpacking firm Agriprocessors was the subject of what at the time was the largest immigration raid in U. history, will go free following a commutation issued Wednesday evening by President Trump.Rubashkin’s firm was the subject of a major Forward investigative series in 20.The Modern Orthodox assume contemporary dress, and participate freely in commerce and in social events.An Orthodox scientist or physician is most likely Modern Orthodox.

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Beth Medrash Govoha, BMG, in Lakewood is a Kollel, an acclaimed undergraduate institution where some 7,000 married male students study Torah intensively.