Dating someone a year younger internet dating married people

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I invited him over for dinner a couple of nights ago and he declined.He declined because he's recently resumed playing an online RPG.

i have a mate of 43 and he is going out.going to marry a girl 20 years younger than him a similar position myself my new girlfriend is 19 years younger ...sometimes at the train station, when im with her i get strange stares ( but i guess that happens anyway in Switzerland)..she run off . Me, I just don't want to date anyone young enough to want more kids. So between the two, the bottom line is if you two get along, there really shouldn't be a problem with it.

This is my favorite one because it’s the absolute worst thing I’ve ever heard people say.

Here’s the thing, as an adult of whatever age, you know right off the bat if you and a person you meet are compatible in any capacity.

Lacking these would be a deal breaker no matter the age gap.

For some reason, the general population of grumpy 30-year-olds and older, are under the impression that we have learned it all and there is nothing we can learn from someone who is a few years younger.

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Therefore defending your relationship with someone who is significantly younger than you are by pointing out just how “mature” she is as silly as claiming, “she’s short but she acts like a tall person.” In summary, stop sweating people’s opinion of who you date, and don’t’ let age predetermine the outcome of human connections, because a relationship will either sink or swim no matter how much older or younger your girlfriend is than you are.

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