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Dwt not updating pages

Special Flood Hazard Area inundated by the 100-year flood; with flood depths of 1 to 3 feet (usually sheet flow on the sloping terrain); average depths are determined.Contrary to popular belief, the sailor's head does not represent any particular individual, but was simply an artist's conception for an advertising design and later used for the trade mark in 1891.On the cigarette packets, framed within a life belt, the sailor is gazing out to sea and has 'Hero' on his cap, not the 'Invincible' of the painting.

She was a wooden three-decker, carried 120 guns, could sail 9 knots in a fair wind and in fact was not very different from Nelson's ships of the line. In it he put the Royal Navy's side of the story, and supported it with this picture screen.avail Width-50);if(h From an auctioneers magazine. He's the friendly, weather-beaten sailor who has been the logo on millions of packets of Player's Navy Cut cigarettes since 1927.

While it is as extensive as possible, it may not contain all items used by the various Components of the Department within their individual operations.

It is designed as a reference and an aid, not an authoritative source. Please direct your input or questions to [email protected]

Once inside their website, just look for PROCAT and you are half way there.

The best way I can describe a research task to you, is to mention something you already know a little bit about - I am sure that there are many things you know a great deal about as well.

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Contrast that with this HMS CHEVIOT where the sailor's head was of a known serving sailor. [That is Player's version - here is another from a different web site "The battleship HMS Hero was launched 27th October 1885, she differed from HMS Conqueror only in that all four of her 6 inch guns were mounted on the superstructure.

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