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Cut-glass flower vases, finger bowls, and water bottles were used for serving. At breakfast, the waiters wore brown cutaway jackets, vests, and pants with a gold stripe, while in the evening they changed into black tuxedos.The kitchen was renovated, with new steam tables and massive coffee urns (manufactured by Brambull, Deane & Co. The menu — served buffet-style — included Blue Point oysters, green sea turtle, Kennebec River salmon, mutton, chicken, hominy fritters, stewed diamondback terrapin, canvasback duck, English pheasant, and a variety of vegetables, fruits, cheese, crackers, nuts, pies, and puddings.It was completely remodeled by Burch and Gibbs: guests dined at tables set with tablecloths imported from Scotland, using Haviland & Co.Limoges porcelain china, silver-handled knives and forks manufactured by Reed & Barton, and Bohemian glassware.He also planned to add a women-only restaurant to the lobby, at a time when many public facilities excluded women.Shutt took over management of the hotel on May 16, 1910.On the east side was the now-famous Red Parlor, a gentleman's lounge fitted with rich red and gold draperies, fabric wall coverings, and upholstered furniture.

It has also been the site of parties hosted by famous actors and singers.In 1827 the Hotel was razed and rebuilt in the same location.Ebbitt House Hotel was razed in 1925 to make way for the National Press Building, built in 1926.Here’s where you can find direct links to legal codes, ethics authorities, searchable full text resources and current and proposed Rules of Professional Conduct.The Ethics Hotline is a confidential service for attorneys seeking guidance on their professional responsibilities.

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The house marked the northeast corner of Murder Bay.