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If you are finally chosen for the job and you need to take part in intercourse, then you should ensure that both you and your partner are using condoms.If the producer does not allow condoms then you will be better off refusing to do the work.Becoming a porn start can be very profitable and even exciting fulfilling for some people.Most girls (and some guys) who want to get into porn don’t have a clear idea about where to start.If you are worried that you do not have the right body for this kind of work then don’t worry because most amateur producers allow plenty of leeway in regard to body type and personality.The first thing that you have to understand about entering this industry is that since you have never acted in a porn movie before then you should really not expect to get a break with well known companies like Vivid, Penthouse, Playboy and Hustler. If you are an amateur, then you will need to start at the very bottom – or close to it.Secondly, people have their own individual preferences regarding what is sexy and what turns them on.A few producers may turn out to be finicky about things like being overweight and having a certain kind of background. It would be safe to say that most porn producers look for women and girls with good bodies and a nice face.

You can, for example, specify that you will not do anything without using a condom or that you do not want to do anal or bondage work.

If you are waiting for a porn casting call or if you want to take advantage of porn audition postings, then the following things need to be kept in mind.

Before you audition for porn, you need to find out what sites are worth visiting and whom you should contact and also where you need to send your photographs.

In the porn industry the good news is that almost any kind of body is acceptable.

In fact, there are entire businesses based around each type of body.

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