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The script still would have needed some serious work, but it would have been an improvement) That Tom Cruise is, years after their divorce, believed to be why Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been keeping things so quiet.It's not outrageous to believe that their divorce includes a clause that prevents Katie Holmes from "embarrassing" Tom by dating publicly.And maybe part of that included not publicly dating for a while. However, it sounds like Jamie Foxx is super concerned with keeping things private, too.A few months ago, my boyfriend and I called it a day, went our separate ways, decided to draw a line in the sand, took a breather… Probably not, but at least it oils the wheels of conversation, making others feel less awkward.

Or maybe heard her bash Scientology for being, say, a predatory organization that preys upon and controls most of its members while bleeding their finances dry -- but keeping celebrities and other wealthy donors happy? Here's why -- Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise adopted children together.

Or, even more realistically, it might be a verbal agreement.

Just look at another of Tom Cruise's exes -- Nicole Kidman.

One of the biggest theories behind their conspicuous silence (and, in the past, even their denials -- and maybe, back in 2013, they really were) has to do with Katie Holmes' very famous, very controversial ex: Tom Cruise.

The guy who once jumped up onto Oprah's couch in a display of instability that must have made Oprah's security team wonder if they needed to rush onto the set. The guy who, despite his significant acting skills, has been filmed running from so many different things and disasters that film trailers that feature him almost read like parodies.

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None of this freed us from grief at the end, though.

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