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Other than that, I can't say that we never find each other too boring - he's open minded and willing to try new things, and he loves to travel. I believe she is the one I've been looking for my entire life. I know we will love each most and grow old together. m a sag dec 3rd dating a Taurus man may 5th.met online and we ve bn going steady now 4 som few mnths..though we vent met there is a strong connection that I dnt even get.has no problem sayin I luv you or I want 2 be with you 4eva.he is very stubborn,patient,calm,funny,avoids confrontation.wil rather a misunderstandin is ignored than addressed.is possesive too..which is funny blc we vent even met...i made it clear 2 him I wont tak him not callin or messagin at least once daily & seems he got d message...d control thing is a struggle blw both of us & somehow he liks that I ve a mind of my own..far he is not boring & luv goin out with his friends once in a while.behaves lik he is in luv with me already & I don't undestand blc they re meant 2 be slow..somtims he acts withdrawn & suddenly he wil say somthing shockin lik I want 2 marry u.create a luv video 4 you with a title 'only made 4 my lovely babe these music xpress hw mch I luv u' then post it on you're facebook wall 4 all 2 see..we chat online he luv talkin about our future 2geda..rather not answer you're question dan lie 2 u..has introduced me 2 all his frinds & recently introduced me 2 his elder brother..I asked him why, he said 'i don't want 2 hide our relationship didn't you hear I want 2 marry u? I also think that their sensitivity and over emotionalness scares them, so they behave in terrible ways to get their balance back. then when we sit down and talk, it all gets cleared up.Reason why I'm here is doing research for a novel that I'm writing for her. '...i don't know what 2 think anymore..i luv him already & though I luv freedom;stability,security & devotion is important 2 me as well..& funny 4 a sagg m more indoor than outdoor a lasting print I got 4rm a 2yrs relationship with a scorpio...seriously I need help here..he really into me already?? I think for a sag and tau to work there must be lots and lots of effort and understanding through COMMUNICATION. As the days passed he noticed that she spoke to everybody in class but him. Yet, communication breakdowns are the norm for us all of the time. he was too soft and conservative for me in this dept. They are stubborn, stuck in their own mind set, NEVER EVER EVER will admit they were wrong, jump to conclusions, worry like it's going out of style, oh and my favorite... We were in the middle of sex when he first told me he loved me. It was a week after we had gotten together, so I just said ok, I love you too. t even bother being in a relationship, because you ain? I am feeling neglected because I feel if you can go out with your friends you can go out with me. They get older and go to different colleges......... when they see each other after months, when they hear each others voice... There is a major power struggle going on between us. Of course I am a fiery Sagittarius and I am in love with this man. He makes these male statements when I am around like "This is the mans chair" or If I suggest he can not eat something he says, " I can eat anything" it is so cute to watch him display his bravado. I would smile and laugh at his stubbornness but not to make fun of him, just to make the situation more light and not so serious.. I felt very neglected so I'd do bad things to get his attention like flirt with other people or purposely cause arguments over nothing even though I wasn't even mad I just wanted more passion. He was very keen to my needs but I wanted to be thrown on the floor and told to shut up and be RAVAGED! Let me tell you, from reading these experiences to everything the traits said, and everything I have experienced with my boy, emphasis on 'BOY.' I fell head over heels, and im a Sagittarius, apparently we like freedom and hate possessive people etc. I am complete opposite and I think it was because I formed to him. Yes, the sex is unbelievable, but he really did scare me when he asked me to marry him. If any Sag ladies can advise me then pls feel free as our date's this Friday, lol wish me luck!! My taurean although a homebody when it comes to spending time with me loves to go out with his friends on fri and sat nights.Sorry my fellow Sag ladies, but these Taurus men have a hold on us..maybe we can learn some patience in love from them..need as much help as possible. When we got out of the car to my surprise he immediately grabbed my hand (something of which has never happened to me) but which I either mistook as a possession thing or that he wasnt ashamed to be openly affectionate in public. Cut the sorry short but something about this Taurean has baffled me....despite all the displays and signs of compatibiity between us (and the first kiss was the most amazing and wonderful experience, when I did let him kiss me that is lol) why he felt the need to continue to flirt, communicate and date other women???? we have a relationship however I don't wanna fight for it because I want him to realize on his own. Unfortunately, my ex was still hanging around stirring up trouble. I guess that shows that although were very different in personalities there is always hope!I am a bit scared of commitment, but once I am happy on all fronts, then there is no turning back for me. ive done everything a Taurus hates (even went out w/his friend to try to make him jealous), it didn't work, now he doesn't want to talk to me. s called taking responsibility for your own actions. The second occasion he picked me up and the decision was made to sit in a chip shop and eat a plate of chips.

"Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder" this might be just a saying for some but for some.........it's the truth. I as well am a sag, I've been dating a Taurus for a year. We've been together for a year (although I've been in love with him for two years; we only finally got together last year). I seriously thought I'd marry this man, but our differences became much too strong. I don't think all sagittarius's are the same as well as I don't think all Taurus are the same...It's true, they are BORING, EVASIVE, JEALOUS, AND POSSESSIVE. Honestly, I will if I don't get what's needed at home. I notice that he doesn't like the attention I receive from men... I do love him so, but I really don't think I'm passive enough for him. As a sag I love my freedom but I also want to balance that with security and devotion something I think the Taurean can give EVENTUALLY! any relationship can work if you are open minded and put the effort in! We get along wonderfully most of the time, although occasionally I feel that he's not being honest enough, and I'll become paranoid, and ask direct questions so that he'll answer me more directly. And we both enjoy romantic things, although we rarely express romantic stuff to each other. He's really never said anything sappy to me, and I keep waiting for when he will. Over time, I was sick of staying in and doing things that were in his comfort zone. for the comment that a Taurus made about sum Sagittarius chick was wit 6 guys and cheating on them with like 4 others..With me being open and honest about what it is I want, I feel there should be no reason why a man should be clueless of what to do with me. You can not tell me what to do, and have so many negative things to say, and yet you can't express love or communicate in any way about it...where do they come from? Other than that, I can't say that we ever find each other too boring - he's open minded and willing to try new things, and he loves to travel. Trouble is, I've always kind of made fun of sappy stuff, so he probably has no idea I secretly wish he would be sappy with me! I was ready to go out and mingle, meet people, and explore the world. Little things started to bother me constantly and I found myself having a wandering eye for other men. s called basic respect, consideration, and decency. so that makes you believe that ALL sagittarius's females are sluts. They started studying together, helping each other with tests, assignments, homework and so on........ However he is an honest man and u can tell his feelings are true and genuine and I love him so much. We were inseparable, he was creative, fun, funny, all things I was extremely attracted to. He always got mad at me for talking to 3950830495834 people at parties, like me talking and my light hearted flirting was the END of the world. If your planning on getting involved with a Taurus, yes the sex is unreal, they are amazing lovers. Want to be able to spend time with other members of the opposite sex in ways that go above and beyond a normal platonic friendship? I don't know by nature what Sag ladies are like in romance / loving making dept but well from my own part, I like to show my feelings as well as voice them. I guess more so because im very talkative and leave nothing unsaid and yet he believes something's are best left unsaid. They never express themselves, ever, but when they say 'I Love You' you keep trying. Which amazes me with her courage and zest for life!

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I always get this question "do you want to be right or alone? Get over the sex, Be your adventurous self live life stress free especially with what you can control. Trouble is, I've heard he's a tart and flirts with women all the time. im a Sagittarius lady and im over heels in love with a Taurus man for 3 yrs and still counting yrs.. while I, hate possessing, and he never admit that he is wrong..all d evidences is there.. We've been together for a year (although I've been in love with him for two years; we only finally got together last year). Trouble is, I've always kind of made fun of sappy stuff, so he probably has no idea I secretly wish he would be sappy with me! Lots of fun is in Store for us Seems like there's no Taurus man has spoken here. I don't know much about sign and all that, but honestly, people are different. s talk about the folks who complain because their Taurus boyfriend likes to know where they are and/or what they? I've spent hours, days, even weeks trying to figure out what went wrong.

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