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Whether you plan to go with a date, with friends, or on your own, the point is to have a good time.Going with a group or meeting friends at the event can be just as fun as going with one special person.Whether you're going solo or with a group, make sure you don't drink and drive, or ride with someone who has been drinking.While planning and enjoying the big night, make smart decisions to help keep it safe, low-stress, and fun!Allergies may happen the first time or after multiple uses.

Just a few serious sunburns can increase your risk for skin cancer later in life.

Never dye eyebrows or eyelashes, as it might cause blindness.

Always test a product in a small area of your body first.

Stop using the product if problems develop, and remove all products before bedtime to prevent skin and eye irritation.

High heels may be in style, but they can increase your chances of falling if they’re too high or uncomfortable, or not something you usually wear.

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Make sure you protect yourself from the harmful effects of UV rays, and avoid indoor and outdoor tanning.

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