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I’m not a fan of trial separations, that’s for certain, but I’m not a fan of not listening to your partner either!So if he or she is set on the idea, it is better to engage with the idea and negotiate.Key idea for saving your marriage: Every time, you meet up or text your partner think: how could I do this differently?If you just fall into the same old traps or behave in the same old way, you’ll get the same old response and you know where that’s got you.Your partner wants a trial separation but you’re worried that’s just a nice way of saying ‘it’s over’. Instead of everything ‘magically’ going away, as I’d hoped, I’ve found myself agreeing to a ‘trial separation’ and to ‘work on the marriage’…but at a distance.I blame myself for asking all those questions about the affair because I worry it has led to the separation.It also sucks all the joy out of the few face-to-face encounters that you do have because you’re interpreting every gesture for clues about the future. It’s when you imagine further ahead than the weekend that you start to panic.Key idea for saving your marriage: Live in today, this moment, right now – rather than worrying about the past or trying to guess the future. So every time, you feel yourself unravelling focus back down on NOW.

So your partner has said ‘I love you but’, has been having an affair or you’ve been arguing so much it’s been affecting the kids.

I suggest doing the opposite, so if you clam up, speak up. Lots of trial separations don’t work because the partner who needs space feels that that he or she doesn’t get it.

That’s because they are fielding ten texts and five long emails a day or when their partner comes to collect the children ends up hanging around the house.

How can we work on a marriage when we’re not together and can a trial separation help a marriage?

I’d like to turn round your question (“can a trial separation help a marriage?

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I spend my time going over and over things in my head and one minute I think things are turning around but the next minute I’m questioning what my wife is doing with her time alone and whether or not we’re really ‘working on the marriage’.