Live pic swaps

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Live pic swaps

It really is one of the 6 essential i Phone photography accessories.Once you’ve taken some great Live Photos, make the most of these captured memories by sharing them with family and friends.Check out the list of fun selfie filter apps below to snap a creative selfie in seconds and wow all your friends on social media. MSQRD is the other popular selfie filter app that does an amazing job at animating users' faces in all sorts of whimsical ways.You can use it to create both photos and videos with an option to broadcast it live to all your friends on Facebook.But once I figured it out, I had a ball, and I made sure to politely wake my boyfriend up so that I could take awkward photos of him, too. We have apps that stop you from texting your ex; we have an app that gives you 3D manicures (YES); we even have an app that turns your words into emojis, because why not? You can actually have all sorts of fun playing with this on your own. Make sure "Faces" (bottom right) and "Photo" (top middle) are both selected. Instead of inserting your face into someone else's picture, "Mask" takes their features and imposes them onto your own. Once the app and camera adjust, you'll see that your faces have switched spots. It only makes sense that there's an app where you can not only swap faces with a pal, but turn yourself into some interesting characters, too. When you first open the app, it'll prompt you to make a choice. Choose the face you want to become, and get ready for action. If you keep in mind that you’re shooting a video, this will soon become second-nature.

Rather than freezing a moment in time with a still photo, you can now capture the moments just before and after you take the picture, complete with movement and sound.Live Photos also lets you apply loop or bounce video effects, and convert your Live Photos into stunning long exposure images.In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use the Live Photos camera feature to create unforgettable living memories with your i Phone.Compatibility: This Korean app is nearly a complete clone of Snapchat with a much larger emphasis on the crazy filter effects.Some of the filters are eerily similar to some of the popular ones we've seen on Snapchat while others are just downright ridiculous.

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If your boss is gone from the office and you hate your job, spend a dollar instead and have some fun with Face Swap Live. Obvi, I started with "Use Photo." How could I resist a mug like that? The app will tell you to move yourself into position and voila — your new face will appear. TIP: Hold the camera steady until the photo is done saving, or it will come out blurry.

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