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“Things are a lot more fun when we're all together,” Annie says as Jurrien shows her how to use Facebook on her tablet. you consider them like your own family.” “What I see from the elderly is that they really enjoy the little things,” Jurrien explains.

“Young people are so focused on their future that they don’t notice things like how beautiful this park is, they’re just racing through it on their way to work or school.” But they know that as well as making life enjoyable for the residents at Humanitas, they also have a serious role to play.

She’s achieved that by letting students live there too.GEA SIJPKES, CEO HUMANITAS (Translation): I want it to be the warmest and most pleasant residence in Deventer.We can’t do this with extra personnel because everyone knows this has to be done with less funding. So then I started thinking about making a connection with education. JOKE VAN BEEK (Translation): What do you think of the student next door?At Humanitas good neighbour somehow means being part local, part-friend, part-grandchild, part-social worker, part-healthcare provider, and some days it means teaching an 84-year-old woman to play beer pong.ANNIE MIDDELBURG, HUMANITAS RESIDENT (Translation): Last week the game with the little balls was so much fun. Ten cups on one side, ten cups on the other side which they half-fill with beer...

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