My friend is dating a pathological liar

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My friend is dating a pathological liar

Jackie became the central figure of a sensational 9,000-word story published two years later in Rolling Stone, describing a brutal gang rape in a campus fraternity house that allegedly occurred that same night.

But the account in Rolling Stone differed significantly from the facts she relayed to Duffin in 2012.

Photographs that were texted to Duffin that were purported to be of Monahan were actually pictures depicting one of Jackie’s high school classmates in Northern Virginia.

“I told him I forgave him for what happened friday night and then he thanked me for not reporting him which made me feel weird but the bottom line is I’m bad at being angry at other people so all I can do is forgive them,” Jackie wrote to Duffin.

Early on, Duffin sensed that Jackie was interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with him.

Duffin valued her friendship but politely rebuffed Jackie’s advances for more.

Court documents indicate that a crush Jackie had on Duffin freshman year was the spark for all that has happened since, that the attention-seeking events on Sept.

28, 2012 spiraled into a sensational tale that evolved, made its way into a national magazine’s pages, and then took on a life of its own.

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In an interview Friday with The Washington Post, Duffin said that he also believes Haven Monahan was a fictional character Jackie created.