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Non register hot chat

The ceiling is finished with tongue & groove pine treated with thompsons water seal.

The walls are all finished with Tongue & Groove Cedar planking.

I have built a room off of my walkout basement for my Spa.

The room is 10x12 with a 12' vaulted ceiling with 2 18x30 double insulated skylights. Ceiling is insulated with R-19 fiberglas, with fanfold foam covering it as a vapor barrier.

This room is not heated except for the incidental heat from the spa which keeps the temp at 50 when outside temperature is 18.

I have installed a 110 cfm vent fan in the ceiling which is controlled by a humidistat which turns the vent on at 65%.

The east wall is all aluminum framed double insulated glass, north wall is framed with 1 window, insulated steel door and R-13 insulation. There is good airflow between the underside of the roof and the insulation with soffit vents and full ridge vent.

Regular updates ensure that our exhibitor and product search engine continues to provide you with the information you need, when you need it. I know many techs dont think Hot Shot should be used as a drop in for systems using refrigerants like 134a. I had an issue with a reach in cooler and the guy at the supply house strongly suggested using Hot Shot as a replacement and even said that True recommended using it on some of their reach in coolers years ago that weren't maintaining temp. Most techs do not like the glide and higher head pressure. around here hot shot sells for twice as much $$$ compared to 134a, I wouldn't replace a cheaper, single compound ready available refrigerant with a zeotropic blend.Also when charging, is generally 80 percent of the factory charge USUALLy sufficient? i used hot shot once to replace R-12 med reach in cooler.Besides, there's nothing better than sitting in a spa with snow falling on your head.Thank You for the response Doc, Is there some type of passive vent you could recommend?

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The small amount of hydrocarbons help with oil return to the compressor. I have also had good luck using "hot shot" as a mid-temp replacement for r12 although never as 134a substitute, the issues with cap tubes plugging up are related to the solvent nature of POE oil, dont think changing refrigerants alone would make a difference.