Other ways to say dating

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Learning to say 'no' or even to be silent in a neutral way is not necessarily easy, but is essential for avoiding uncomfortable situations.

Be polite, but firm when you say "no, thank you" and you will stop the other person from imposing on you. Wait until your blustery partner runs out of steam, and then you can make your statement.

On the other hand, if you never hit the ball, but always wait for the other person to do it, you aren't playing a very good tennis game, either.

It's essential that you do your part, because passivity is easily interpreted as a lack of interest, and can shut communication down.

Concentrate Listen carefully to what your partner is saying -- don't wander off mentally into what you want to say next.3.

Volley (Respond) After your partner says something, respond directly to it, letting him or her know that you heard and understood what was said, and, if possible that you have similar thoughts or experience.4. Serve Again If your partner drops the ball, ask a question about something that was said before, and give your partner plenty of time to express his or her opinion.

But boundaries are really something you must create within yourself.

Knowing what you want and what you feel are skills essential to creating a mutually satisfying intimate relationship.Whether you're online, on the phone, or face to face, you need to keep the conversation going back and forth -- what I call the tennis match. Take Turns Leave room for your partner to open topics, to express opinion, to gather thoughts and express opinions.Don't jump right in to a silence if it's not your turn.2.* One will be alert to the moods of the other -- often walking on eggshells not to upset the other.* One may threaten to leave in order to get his or her way.

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=Coming on too strong in the relationship may push the other person away, or may disguise a lack of enough interest on the other person's part.

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