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Pros on dating older men

As a blonde, blue-eyed woman of average height, I get asked out a lot more, though I'm not 100% sure dating's actually any easier!

Brett: I'm 5'8", so I've always felt I'm in this weird middle ground of not really knowing if I'm "short" or not.

I mean, the average American male is technically at 5'10", so by that measure I'm shorter than average, but should I self-identify as "short"?

And since I also have a wider frame, I've always felt a bit stockier than I'd like.

I think the bigger issue is how comfortable random men are talking to me about my body.

That self-consciousness definitely stems over into my dating life too, and with online dating even more.As far as dating a woman taller than me, I'm definitely fine with it, but I'm also probably guilty of preemptively thinking I'm "too short" for a woman taller than me and not giving it a proper chance.When it comes down to it, it's not really even about the height.I've been told more than a few times that "there's no way I can tell you're trans," and that helps men feel comfortable dating me.I've even been in a couple of dating situations where people have thought I was kidding when I came out to them as trans.

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