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"In order to build a compelling Facebook page that yields measurable results, business owners first need to identify their main objectives," says Mari Smith, relationship marketing expert and co-author of .

"So many small business fail to fully benefit from all that Facebook offers quite simply due to a lack of clear goals and a strategy to achieve those goals." So your first question should be: why am I on Facebook; what's my goal?

"Let's say one of your top goals is to drive traffic to your blog - you'll definitely want to incorporate ways to highlight your blog in your Facebook page design." Vaynerchuk suggests creating a smart, customizable welcome tab or landing page will attract more people to your page than the traditional layout.

Take advantage of the features Facebook provides to enhance your page.

Facebook allows you to integrate an app can be built into your Page to create unique quizzes, games or other interactive features.

Building custom tabs is what sets your Page apart from your competitors and attracts more customer engagement.

Encourage customers to "Like" you on Facebook; give them a coupon if they do.I equate it to the difference between a sales person and a marketer: sales people are always looking at what happens today, instead of long term."So developing a strategy that will help you keep focused on your goal is important. Smith highlights seven specific ones for you to consider, some of which coincide with what we've gathered from Burnett and other social media experts.Design Strategy - "Your design needs to reflect your primary objectives," Smith says.Whether it's selling more products, improving customer service or creating new relations, determining what you want to achieve with your company page should be the first necessary step.Then it'll be easier to use Facebook more effectively."There's a number ways that businesses can utilizes Facebook," says Grady Burnett, director of global online and inside sales at Facebook.

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Click the privacy settings option on the account tab and make sure the "Friends can post on my Wall" and "Can comment on posts" option is set to "Everyone." Upload Photos - Many companies use this feature to put up pictures of its product and customers using its product.