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This one-day course is designed to train employees how to perform the required field test at a water treatment plant.

The student should understand the need for quality assurance and control.

Analytical procedures are presented for specific tests such as hydrogen ion concentration (p H), alkalinity, total hardness, chlorine demand, chlorine residual, fluoride, dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, calcium carbonate stability, turbidity, total solids residue, threshold odor, and jar tests.

Math skills are reviewed and applied to specific problems of chemical dosage and other chemical calculations.

There are no prerequisites for the course; however, a good foundation in math is recommended.

If you are an operator preparing for the upper level exams or just looking for a challenge, this course is for you!

Covers properties of chlorine, purpose of chlorine, chlorine terminology, dosage calculations, chlorinator equipment, chlorine cylinders, operation of gas chlorinators, start up and shut down, chlorinator maintenance, troubleshooting common problems, chlorine safety, and chlorine testing procedures.

Covers: planning and scheduling maintenance work, maintenance budgeting and cost control, valves (global, check, diaphragm, etc.), hydrants (fire), installation, location, preventative maintenance, inspection, hand tools, and safety.

A general course in operation and maintenance of water and wastewater pumps and motors including descriptions of various types, applications, and factors affecting selection of pumps and motors; electric power transmission, instrumentation and controls; proper installation and alignment; proper maintenance, installation and/or replacement of bearings, packing, and mechanical seals; planning and scheduling of maintenance work; selection, storing, and application of lubricants; hand tools; safety; maintenance budgeting and cost control.

Many more methods are covered by which you, the utility professional, may solve the problems in water and wastewater calculations.

The goal of this course is to prepare the operator for advanced math problems commonly encountered in the water and wastewater industry.

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Basic water chemistry and math skills are developed and applied to chemical feeding and other operational problems.

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