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Speed dating naperville illinois

We posed Kevin’s question to more than a dozen knowledgeable sources. As Northwestern University professor Carl Smith told us, “Once you open up what might have happened, the possibilities are endless.” But this was more than a mere exercise in fantasy.

The railroad is unable to search for past employee records.

“Of particular importance were the houses on Michigan Avenue, including the one where President-elect Lincoln and Mrs.

Lincoln were guests before they entrained for Washington.

Leslie suspects downtown residences would have been swept away by the building booms of the 1880s and 1890s. was residential from about where the Auditorium is now until the turn of the century,” he says.

“Many of the mansions along the southern stretch disappeared without a trace when the land became valuable as commercial opportunities.

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Think of what distinction the 19th-century houses on Beacon Hill give to downtown Boston, as well as the enrichment New York receives from the Greek Revival row houses on Washington Square.” Lowe says Chicago’s central business district might have been forced to expand toward the west if the fire hadn’t cleared so much land.

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