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Speed dating the woodlands tx

2017-10-06 Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune (Wisconsin Rapids, WI) - Demand accountability on climate change2017-10-06 Marshfield News-Herald (Marshfield, WI) - Demand accountability on climate change2017-10-06 Stevens Point Journal (Stevens Point, WI) - Demand accountability on climate change2017-10-06 Wausau Daily Herald (Wausau, WI) - Demand accountability on climate change2017-10-06 Sentinel-Review(Woodstock) (Woodstock, ON) - Carbon tax superior to cap and trade2017-10-05 Milwaukee Journal (Milwaukee, WI) - Adopt Renewable energy2017-10-05 Petoskey News Review (Petoskey, MI) - Thanks to Rep.

Bergman for joining House Climate Caucas2017-10-05 The Valley Voice (New Denver, BC) - Climat Change: there's reason for hope2017-10-05 The San Juan Daily Star (San Juan, PR) - Trump Should Heed Military Warnings on Climate2017-10-05 LNP (Lancaster, PA) - What you can do to combat climate change2017-10-05 Winnipeg Free press (Winnipeg, MB) - Clean Energy is the Future2017-10-05 New Times - San Luis Obispo (San Luis Obispo, CA) - Balanced trade for a green economy2017-10-04 Iowa City Press-Citizen AND Cedar Rapids Gazette (Iowa City AND Cedar Rapids, IA) - Hurricanes should be a wake-up call on climate change2017-10-04 Bozeman Daily Chronicle (Bozeman, MT) - If we want solutions, we must recognize the problem2017-10-04 LNP (Lancaster, PA) - Hazards of Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline2017-10-04 Verona Press (Verona, WI) - Climate change is 'a human issue'2017-10-03 Bemidji Pioneer (Bemiidji, MN) - Censky committed to finding climate solutions2017-10-03 Superior Telegram (Superior, WI) - U. needs to act on climate change2017-10-02 Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, AZ) - Letter: Re: the Sept. article “Letter: Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant”2017-10-02 Johnson City Press (Johnson City, TN) - Letters: How to deal with climate disruption2017-10-02 Seattle Times (Seattle, WA) - Banning gas cars: Charging access2017-10-01 Capital Times (Madison, WI) - Despite obstacles, there's progress in fighting climate change2017-10-01 Nelson Star (nelson, BC) - Please stop dismissing climate change2017-10-01 Go (Spartanburg, SC) - n/a2017-09-30 Hood River News (Hood River, OR) - A question for Trump2017-09-30 The Nelson Star (Nelson, BC) - There's plenty of good news2017-09-30 Daily Mining Gazette (Houghton, MI) - Extreme storms causing harm2017-09-30 San Antonio Express News (San Antonio, TX) - A path forward2017-09-30 Traverse City Record Eagle (Traverse City, MI) - Climate Activists are not Panicking2017-09-29 Cheboygan Tribune (Cheboygan, MI) - Nature can help2017-09-29 Milwaukee Post (Milwaukee, WI) - Hurricanes, monsoons will get worse, but we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions2017-09-29 Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, WI) - Puerto Rico's plight shows climate change2017-09-29 Star Phoneix (Saskatoon, BC) - Letter of the Day: Collective solution to climate change2017-09-29 The Monitor (Mc Allen, TX) - Climate change concerns2017-09-28 Auburn Citizen (Auburn, NY) - Climate change and algae are connected2017-09-28 Durango Telegraph (Durango, CO) - Carbon fee: cheaper than cleanup2017-09-28 Sandpiper (Southern Ocean County, NJ) - Re: "Solar Welfare"2017-09-28 Arizona Daily Sun (Flagstaff, AZ) - Carbon Tax Vote Showed Leadership2017-09-28 Ashland Tidings (Ashland, OR) - Exon misled public2017-09-28 Durango Telegraph (Durango, CO) - Congress' climate change disaster2017-09-27 Kelowna Daily Courier (Kelowna, BC) - Battle against climate change making progress2017-09-27 Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC) - How to talk about climate change2017-09-27 Atlanta Journal Constitution (Atlanta, GA) - Stop this dangerous experiment2017-09-27 Sudbury Star (Sudbury, ON) - Sudbury letter: Climate debate over2017-09-27 Good Times Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, CA) - Obvious Course2017-09-27 Record Eagle Traverse City, MI (Traverse City, MI) - Market Fix Needed2017-09-27 Logan Herald Journal (Logan, UT) - Counting the days until the lie ends2017-09-26 The Eagle (Bryan/College Station, TX) - MLB and climate change are on different parallel paths2017-09-26 Gazette-Times (Corvallis, OR, OR) - Carbon fee could boost economy2017-09-26 Penticton Herald (Penticton, BC) - Progress on the Climate2017-09-26 Delaware News Journal (Wilmington, DE) - Instant Gratification Hurting our Future2017-09-26 Sandusky Register (Sandusky, OH) - Locals raise thousands of dollars for hurricane relief2017-09-26 Times Record (Brunswick, ME) - Are Mainers Affected by Climate Change?

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2017-11-08 PIttsburgh Post Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA) - Humans vs. should adopt carbon fee, dividend2017-10-30 The Nelson Star (Nelson, BC) - Cities should tell Oil Companies to pay Climate Costs2017-10-29 The Courier-Tribune (Asheboro, NC) - Here’s how to evaluate climate change threat2017-10-29 Orange County Register (Orange County, CA) - Put a Tax on Carbon2017-10-29 Nelson Daily (Nelson, BC) - Local Jurisdictions should follow Victoria’s lead2017-10-29 San Diego Union Tribune (San Diego, CA) - Low Cost Fossil Furls Cost Taxpayers a Lot2017-10-29 Post and Courier (Charleston, SC) - War on Nature2017-10-29 Beaumont Enterprise (Beaumont, TX) - Climate is changing2017-10-28 Palm Beach Post (West Palm Beach, FL) - Climate Caucus posits real solution2017-10-28 Washington Times Herald (Washington, IN) - Grateful Bücshon Voted in Favor of Relief2017-10-28 Daily Camera (Boulder, CO) - Halloween and Scary Things2017-10-28 Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, OH) - Trump administration stuck on coal, at taxpayers’ expense2017-10-27 San Jose Mercury News (San Jose, CA) - California Drought2017-10-27 Washington Post (Washington, DC) - The muzzling of EPA scientists is dangerous2017-10-27 Billings Gazette (Billings, MT) - Doctors speak up on climate change2017-10-27 Kennebunk Post (Kennebunk, ME) - Join nonpartison climate lobby group2017-10-27 Minneapolis Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) - Bike Lanes2017-10-27 Austin American-Statesman (Austin, TX) - 2017-10-27 The Columbian (Vancouver, WA) - Take action to curb wildfires2017-10-27 Sun This Week (Apple Valley, MN) - We have the duty to act2017-10-27 Kennebunk Post (Kennebunk, ME) - Take a minute and thank senators2017-10-26 The West Australian (Perth) - Technology Agnostic2017-10-26 LNP (Lancaster, PA) - Fossil Fuels vs. the Environment2017-10-23 Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA) - Pruitt’s crusade2017-10-23 Monroe County Herald (Sparta, WI) - U. Needs to Lead2017-10-23 The Hill Times (Ottawa, ON) - Canada needs a rising fee on carbon emissions, revenue returned to households2017-10-23 Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, OH) - Does United States have the will to succeed on climate change?climate: we cannot lose hope2017-11-08 Richmond Times Dispatch (Richmond, VA) - Time to take action on climate change2017-11-08 Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA) - Our grim climate reality: Even with action now, our planet will continue to cook2017-11-08 Tacoma News Tribune (TACOMA, WA) - Climate: Revenue-neutral carbon fees needed2017-11-08 Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA) - ur grim climate reality: Even with action now, our planet will continue to cook2017-11-08 Gainesville Times (Gainesville, GA) - US should heed its own study on the effect of climate change2017-11-07 Long Beach Press-Telegram (Long Beach, CA) - Carbon fee and dividend approach a good idea2017-11-07 Herald Tribune (Sarasota, FL) - Cimate assessment shows need for legislative action2017-11-07 The Recorder and Times in Brockville (Kanata (Ottawa), ON) - Why I Lobby MPs and Senators2017-11-07 Baraboo News Republic (Baraboo, WI) - Science is best left to establish effect of climate change2017-11-07 Asheville Citizen-Times (Asheville, NC) - Time to persuade leaders to take action on climate change2017-11-07 Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette (Fayetteville, AR) - Be Leaders on Climate2017-11-07 The Benzie County Record Patriot (Frankfort, MI) - Bergman joins colleagues in looking at bipartisan climate solutions2017-11-06 West Australian (Perth) - No Electric Car Subsidy2017-11-06 Peninsula Daily News (Port Angeles, WA) - Public should divest itself of pipeline-supporting banks2017-11-05 Charlotte SUN newspapaer (Port Charlotte, FL) - "Shame" on us for Not Acting2017-11-05 Englewood Sun Newspaper (Englewood, FL) - "Shame" on us for Not Acting2017-11-05 Asheville Citizen-Times (Asheville, NC) - Health impact of climate change2017-11-05 Evansville Courier and Press (Evansville, IN) - Congress should combat climate change2017-11-05 Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, UT) - Free enterprise needs real accounting2017-11-05 North Port Sun Newspaper (North Port, FL) - "Shame" on Us for not Acting2017-11-04 Cape Cod Times (Cape Cod, MA) - Insurers and military accept climate forecasts2017-11-04 Lincoln Journal Star (Lincoln, NE) - United to Fight Climate Change2017-11-03 The Bryan Eagle (Bryan, TX) - Federal government can help displaced petroleum workers2017-11-03 Santa Cruz Sentinel (Santa Cruz, CA) - Living close to Californian wild lands carries a risk2017-11-03 Inside Halton (Milton, ON) - Milton MP committed to identifying 'win-win' solution on climate change2017-11-03 Woodland Daily Democrat (Woodland, CA) - Climate change affects world’s poorest people2017-11-03 Register Star (Hudson, NY) - A win-win situation2017-11-03 Kennebunk Post (Kennebunk, ME) - Climate group supports carbon fee program2017-11-03 Portage County Gazette (Stevens Point, WI) - Bipartisan action needed to prevent global warming impacts2017-11-03 Mainly Media (Scarborough, ME) - Create policies for a sustainable future2017-11-03 Herald Times (Bloomington, IN) - Harness Market Forces2017-11-03 Kennebunk Post (Kennebunk, ME) - Citizens' Climate Lobby on the right track2017-11-02 Times Record (Brunswick, ME) - Climate change making storms worse2017-11-02 Seacoast Online (Kennebunk, ME) - Time for leaders to address climate change2017-11-02 Sun This Week (Apple Valley, MN) - Climate on the back burner? Renewable Energy2017-10-26 Austin American Statesman (Austin, TX) - EPA is bringing us back to more polluted world2017-10-26 Kingston Whig Standard (Kingston, ON) - Canada can lead on climate change2017-10-26 Austin American-Statesman (Austin, TX) - EPA is bringing us back to more polluted world2017-10-26 Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Bluefield, WV) - Scientific evidence points to climate change2017-10-26 Daily Sitka Sentinel (Sitka, AK) - Climate Change2017-10-25 LNP (Lancaster, PA) - Puerto Ricans coming to Lancaster2017-10-25 Journal Tribune (Biddeford, ME) - Thanks to both of our senators2017-10-25 Rice Lake Chronotype (Rice Lake, WI) - Put Americans’ well-being first2017-10-25 Tri-City Herald (Kennewick, WA) - Market, not government, should decide energy policy2017-10-25 Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, OH) - US should lead fight against climate change2017-10-24 Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA) - Just say no to Arctic Refuge Drilling2017-10-24 Morning Sentinel (Waterville, ME) - Pingree, Poliquin should join climate caucus2017-10-24 Seacoast Online (Kennebunk, ME) - Support York County Citizens Climate Lobby2017-10-24 Asheville Citizen-Times (Asheville, NC) - Address climate before it hits home2017-10-24 Portland Press Herald (Portland, ME) - Sens. 2017-10-23 Santa Maria Times (Santa Maria, CA) - Don't soft-peddle climate change2017-10-23 Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, OH) - Administration not supportive of EPA operations2017-10-23 Deseret News (Salt Lake City, UT) - Epic Wildfires are a Result of a Changing Climate2017-10-22 The State Newspaper (Columbia, SC) - Trapped by the tyranny of extremes2017-10-22 Tulsa World (Tulsa, OK) - Fuel emission reduction plan needed now2017-10-22 Kansas City Star (Kansas City, MO) - Action Not Dream2017-10-22 The Oregonian (Portland, OR) - We need a carbon fee: Letter to the editor2017-10-21 East Bay Times (Oakland, CA) - Speed up process to put price on carbon2017-10-21 Billings Gazette (Billings, MT) - Climate change demands action2017-10-21 East Bay Times (Oakland, CA) - Need to do something before it gets worse2017-10-21 East Bay Times (Oakland, CA) - We need to open our eyes to science and facts2017-10-20 Billings Gazette (Billings, MT) - Climate change demands action2017-10-20 Kingsport Times-News (Kingsport, TN) - Rate of sea level rise is accelerating2017-10-20 Scarborough Leader (Scarborough, ME) - No title2017-10-20 Capital Times (Madison, WI) - Ignoring climate change is not an option2017-10-20 Daily Camera (Boulder, CO) - Muni verdict aside, we need a national carbon policy2017-10-20 Times Record (Brunswick, ME) - National Solution Needed to help Nation's 'Tailpipe'2017-10-20 San Luis Obispo Tribune (San Luis Obispo, CA) - With clean energy, natural weather disasters will slow down2017-10-20 The Washington Post (Washington, DC) - Talk to Congress about the climate2017-10-20 LNP (Lancaster, PA) - Natural Gas not less detrimental than coal2017-10-19 Ashland Daily Press (Ashland, WI) - Put Americans’ well-being first2017-10-19 Herald Times (Bloomington, IN) - Warming Impacts Indiana2017-10-19 100 Mile Free Press (100 Mile House, BC) - Millenialos are fed u8p with climate denial2017-10-19 Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, WI) - Denying climate endangers nation2017-10-19 Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette (Fayetteville, AR) - We Deserve Clean Air2017-10-19 Sudbury Star (Sudbury, ON) - Fossil fuels no longer necessary in Canada2017-10-19 Winston-Salem Journal (Winston-Salem, NC) - Climate actions2017-10-19 Santa Cruz Sentinel (Santa Cruz, CA) - Climate Change Is Real and We Can Stop It2017-10-18 The Lewiston Tribune (Lewiston, ID) - Evidence is mounting2017-10-18 Annandale Advocate (Annandale, MN) - Getting Involved in Stewardship2017-10-18 Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, CA) - Fixing our climate2017-10-18 Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA) - Want to slow climate change and prevent wildfires?2017-11-02 Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, UT) - Kudos to Biskupski for Confronting Climate Change2017-11-02 Seacoast Online (Kennebunk, ME) - What can you do about climate change2017-11-02 The West Australian (Perth) - Cost of Climate Change2017-11-02 Bend Bulletin (Bend, OR) - Climate Change Inaction is Costly2017-11-02 Charleston Gazette (Charleston, WV) - https:// The Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk, VA) - Military Risks from Climate Change2017-11-01 Voter (Seattle, WA) - Reduce Global Warming—Tax Carbon2017-11-01 San Diego Union-Tribune (San Diego, CA) - we have to accept climate change is real2017-11-01 Ashland Daily Press (Ashland, WI) - An open letter to our elected officials2017-11-01 Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA) - Save gasoline2017-11-01 Williamson County Sun (Georgetown, TX) - Real Conservationism2017-11-01 Herald Tribune (Sarasota, FL) - Fossil fuels generate climate-change crisis2017-11-01 Bend Bulletin (Bend, OR) - Local Climate Action is a Wise Idea2017-11-01 The Rotarian (New York, NY) - Clear focus2017-11-01 Charlotte Sun Newspaper (Port Charlotte, FL) - A Nation of Deniers2017-11-01 North Port Sun Newspapaer (North Port, FL) - Nation of Deniers2017-11-01 Englewood Sun (Englewood, FL) - Nation of Deniers2017-11-01 The Baltimore Sun (Baltimore, MD) - Cutting carbon pollution will help us all keep our heads above water2017-11-01 Daily Sitka Sentinel (Sitka, AK) - Budget Resolution Bill2017-11-01 The Signal (Santa Clarita Valley, CA) - The High Cost of Climate Change2017-10-31 Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette (Fayetteville, AR) - Support Small Farmers2017-10-31 Mark Steele (Bakersfield, CA) - US should focus on reducing carbon emissions2017-10-31 Billings Gazette (Billings, MT) - Let's get going on carbon fee and dividend2017-10-31 Sierra Vista Herald (Sierra Vista, AZ) - Forward planners2017-10-30 The West Australian (Perth) - Time to move from coal2017-10-30 LNP (Lancaster, PA) - we must start reducing carbon dioxidde2017-10-30 Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, OH) - Let’s fight FERC plan to raise energy prices2017-10-30 Ashland Daily Press (Ashland, WI) - Climate denial fractures, calves a new category2017-10-30 Daily Sitka Sentinel (Sitka, AK) - Climate Change2017-10-30 San Diego Union-Tribune (San Diego, CA) - Re: GAO: Climate Change Already Costing U. Collins, King deserve praise for opposing Arctic drilling2017-10-24 Traverse City Record Eagle (Traverse City) - Perfect position2017-10-24 Superior Telegram (Superior, WI) - American's Well-being over profit2017-10-24 The New York Times (New York, NY) - The E. Then pass a carbon tax now2017-10-17 Berkeley Voice (Berkeley, CA, CA) - Power of the market can help protect climate2017-10-17 Ipswich Chronicle (Ipswich, MA) - Ipswich letter: More action on climate change needed2017-10-17 East Bay Times (Oakland, CA) - Power of the Market Can Help Protect Climate2017-10-17 Denver Post (Online Version) (Denver, CO) - Disappointed in EPA regional director’s stance on climate-change causes2017-10-17 Lincoln Journal Star (Lincoln, NE) - Global Warming has serious costs2017-10-17 San Gabriel Valley Tribune (Los Angeles, CA) - Santa Rosa Fires2017-10-16 St. Cloud, MN) - An immediate Minnesota issue2017-10-16 Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY) - It’s nice to see Collins join Climate Solutions Caucus2017-10-16 The Island World (Comox, BC) - GRANDPAS/MILLENNIALS RESPOND TO BLACK PRESS “TRUMP—EE–TER”2017-10-16 San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA) - Climate Science2017-10-16 Williams lake tribune (Willimans lake, BC) - Millennials are fed up with climate dismissives2017-10-16 Sudbury Star (Sudbury, ON) - Canada can lead on climate change2017-10-16 Herald Tribune (SW FLorida) (Sarasota, FL) - Carbon Fee and Dividend Can Fight Climate Change2017-10-16 Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, AZ) - Monsoon Rains2017-10-16 News Tribune (Jefferson City, MO) - US needs to keep up with clean energy revolution2017-10-16 Deseret News (Salt Lake City, UT) - President Trump Should Have Chosen Someone Else to Head the EPA2017-10-15 San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA) - Climate change’s fire impact2017-10-15 North Port Sun (North Port, FL) - Congress Must Step in to Price Carbon2017-10-15 San Diego Union Tribune (San Diego, CA) - Save Our Environment from Trump2017-10-15 Charlotte Sun Newspapaer (Port Charlotte, FL) - Congress Must Step in to Price Carbon2017-10-15 Concord Monitor (Concord, NH) - A Clean Opportunity2017-10-15 Englewood Sun (Englewood, FL) - Congress Must Step in to Price Carbon2017-10-14 Herald Tribune (Sarasota, FL) - Replace clean power plan with carbon fee program2017-10-14 Logan Herald Journal (Logan, UT) - Utah should incentivize carbon-farming practices2017-10-14 The Spectrum (Saint George, UT) - Humans and climate2017-10-14 Daily Camera (Boulder, CO) - A Triple Winner May Die2017-10-14 Bemidji Pioneer (Bemiidji, MN) - Otto praised for clean energy plan2017-10-13 Recorder and Times (Brockville, ON) - Canada can lead on climate change2017-10-13 Gazette-Times (Corvallis, OR, OR) - They may think it's a movement2017-10-13 Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, WI) - Fight to halt warming planet is epic2017-10-13 Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, WI) - Coal can't compete in the free market2017-10-13 LNP (Lancaster, PA) - climate change should not be a partisan issue2017-10-13 North Delta Reporter (North delta, BC) - Millennials are fed up with climate dismissives2017-10-13 Surrey Now leader (Surrey, BC) - Millenials are fed up with Climate Dismissives2017-10-13 Colverdale reporter (Surrye, BC) - Millennial are fed up with Climate Dismissives2017-10-13 Peace Arch news (Surrey, BC) - Millenials are fed up with climate dismissives2017-10-13 Summerland review (Summerland, BC) - Millennials are fed up with climate rhetoric2017-10-13 Kennebunk Post (Kennebunk, ME) - Urge reps to support climate solutions2017-10-13 Centennial Citizen (Centennial, CO) - Letter to the editor: When it comes to the environment, let's work to calm the storm Posted Thursday, October 19, 2017 pm With almost two months left to go, the 2017 hurricane season is breaking records.2017-12-21 Asheville Citizen-Times (Asheville, NC) - A fee worth considering2017-12-21 Bangor Daily News (Bangor, ME) - Climate change threatens business2017-12-21 San Luis Obispo Tribune (San Luis Obispo, CA) - Trump doesn’t need to come to California2017-12-21 Chronicle Telegram (Elyria, OH) - We all need to do our part to combat climate change2017-12-21 LNP (Lancaster, PA) - Help climate migrants,fight climate change2017-12-21 Call Newspapers (serving south St. Congress, do something about climate change.2017-12-07 Argus-Leader (Sioux Falls, SD) - Letter: Re: ‘My Voice: Junk science is killing us’2017-12-07 Deseret News (Salt Lake City, UT) - Carbon County Deserves Support from a Sustainable Energy Economy2017-12-06 Kelowna Capital News (Kelwona, BC) - Fake news claim needs some backing2017-12-06 Cumberland Advocate (Cumberland, WI) - Cost of natural disasters is staggering2017-12-06 The Woodlands Villager (the Woodlands, TX) - Continuing Climate Change Debate2017-12-06 Prior Lake American (Prior Lake, MN) - Urge Congress to take action2017-12-06 Roanoke Times (Roanoke, VA) - Changing Climate Bipartisanship? Wagner to act on climate change, reader urges2017-12-21 Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Atlanta, GA) - Bipartisan effort needed on climate2017-12-20 Santa Maria Times (Santa Maria, CA) - Risk of fire is increasing2017-12-20 The Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls Press (Coeur d'Alene, ID) - WARMING: Non-political facts2017-12-19 Austin American-Statesman (Austin, TX) - Austin deserves praise for adopting solar early2017-12-18 The Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) - Humans Share Blame for Spreading Wildfires2017-12-18 News & Advance Newspaper (Lynchburg, VA) - Hopeful End-of-Year Reflections2017-12-17 Capital Times (Madison, WI) - Congress should enact carbon fee and dividend legislation2017-12-17 Eau Claire Leader-Telegram (Eau Claire, WI) - In support of a carbon fee2017-12-17 Spooner Advocate (Spooner, WI) - Tax reform and the Carbon Fee and Dividend2017-12-17 River Falls Journal (River Falls, WI) - A new kind of tax reform2017-12-17 Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Atlanta, GA) - Global warming giving us more extreme events2017-12-17 Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA) - Bigger strides on the consumption side2017-12-17 Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA) - Take more aggressive action to reduce oil production2017-12-17 Hattiesburg American (Hattiesburg, MS) - Climate change impacts food security2017-12-17 The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) - Renewable energy essential to future2017-12-16 Denver Post Online (Denver, CO) - Re: “Colorado Democrats criticize Trump’s Utah monuments decision as a threat to public lands elsewhere,”2017-12-15 The Register Guard (Eugene, OR) - Letter to Editor2017-12-15 Lewiston Sun Journal (Lewiston, ME) - Find Solutions for Climate Change2017-12-15 Superior Telegram (Superior, WI) - Climate Change Concerns Need Solutions2017-12-15 Santa Maria Times (Santa Maria, CA) - Arctic oil exploration technologically obsolete2017-12-14 Providence Journal (Providence, RI) - New tax would go far to protect our fisheries2017-12-14 Houston Chronicle (Houston, TX) - Hard rains and wild fires2017-12-14 Asheville Citizen-Times (Asheville, NC) - It’s time we head toward clean energy2017-12-14 The Northwoods River News (Rhinelander, WI) - A new kind of tax reform2017-12-14 Washington Post (Washington DC, DC) - A wake-up call from China2017-12-13 Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA) - Carbon emissions2017-12-13 Long Beach Press Telegram (Long Beach, CA) - Carbon fee and divdend2017-12-13 Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA) - Climate change2017-12-13 Cumberland Advocate (Cumberland, WI) - A new kind of tax reform2017-12-13 Sun Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL) - Respond to dangers of climate change; get involved2017-12-13 Sawyer County Record (Hayward, WI) - Carbon-based fee creates a solution to global warming2017-12-13 The Salem News (Salem, MA) - Letter: Time is now to act on climate change2017-12-12 Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, WI) - Renewable energy is on the march2017-12-12 The Sudbury Star (Sudbury, ON) - Most perfect gift ever2017-12-12 Toronto Star (Toronto Star, ON) - Carbon pricing can’t stand alone2017-12-12 Stevens Point Journal (Stevens Point, WI) - Climate change intensifies weather events2017-12-12 USA Today (Mc Lean, VA) - Climate change intensifies weather events2017-12-12 Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune (Wisconsin Rapids, WI) - Climate change intensifies weather events2017-12-12 Marshfield News-Herald (Marshfield, WI) - Climate change intensifies weather events2017-12-12 St. Cloud, MN) - If you support renewable energy let your legislator know2017-12-12 Boston Globe (Boston, MA) - Irrationality is no match for the threats of global warming2017-12-12 Logan Herald Journal (Logan, UT) - Climate change effects all around us2017-12-12 Wausau Daily Herald (Wausau, WI) - Climate change intensifies weather events2017-12-11 Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, UT) - Path to Positive Utah initiative is a sign leaders are taking climate change seriously2017-12-11 Prior Lake American (Prior Lake, MN) - Transitioning to clean energy is the right move2017-12-11 Belleville Intelligencer (Sudbury, ON) - Clean energy economy needed2017-12-11 (Cleveland, OH) - Renewable energy is an essential part of a sustainable future2017-12-10 Longmont Times Call (Boulder, CO) - Finding my voice in Citizens' Climate Lobby2017-12-10 Daily Camera (Boulder, CO) - Finding my voice with Citizens' Climate Lobby2017-12-10 Hudson Star Observer (Hudson, WI) - Carbon Fee and Dividend2017-12-10 San Jose Mercury News (San Jose, CA) - Climate change making California wildfires worse2017-12-10 Eau Claire Leader-Telegram (Eau Claire, WI) - Climate effort begun2017-12-10 Evansville Courier and Press (Evansville, IN) - Trees, climate change connected2017-12-09 Bakersfield Californian (Bakersfield, CA) - none2017-12-09 San Diego Union Tribune (San Diego, CA) - California wildfires: Extreme weather events a sign of things to come2017-12-08 Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA) - So Cal wildfires2017-12-08 The Morning Call (Allentown, PA) - PPL moving too slowly2017-12-08 Portage County Gazette (Stevens Point, WI) - Climate crisis is fueling storms here2017-12-08 Portage County Gazette (Stevens Point, WI) - Scientific articles support human role in climate change2017-12-08 The Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ) - Protect renewable energy in tax bill2017-12-07 Catholic Herald (Diocese of Madison) (Madison, WI) - Do our part to live Laudato Si’2017-12-07 Boulder Weekly (Boulder, CO) - Acting on behalf of that for which we are thankful2017-12-07 Durango Telegraph (Durango, CO) - Money: the universal language2017-12-07 Express-Times (Easton, PA) - Palm oil production threatening orangutans2017-12-07 Jordan Independent (Jordan, MN) - National climate change policy needed2017-12-07 The Leader Post (Regina, SK) - Saskatchewan party's Proposal is just a Smokescreen2017-12-07 Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette (Fayetteville, AR) - Grateful for Pope Francis' Insights on Climate Change2017-12-07 Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA) - California is on fire — in December.

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