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They wear 'equality' t-shirts under their jackets)MITCHELL CLOUT: Oh, it's time for a drink.(To Julia Holman) I've been on many campaigns at the local, state and federal level, whether it's doorknocking, but this is a different one.

MITCHELL CLOUT: I've got a not-so-classy slogan for this trip: "1,200 Ks of support for the gays."JULIA HOLMAN: He and his friends are on a mad dash across regional NSW to get people enrolled to vote before this Thursday's deadline.

MITCHELL CLOUT: All we hope is that we can raise a bit of awareness; that we can make the young gay people out there feel more comfortable and that we can hopefully bring a bit of respect to this debate.

JULIA HOLMAN: They're going pub-to-pub to spread the word.(Footage of Mitchell Clout and colleagues entering hotel. HOTEL PATRON 1: Nah, marriage is between a man and a woman.

JULIA HOLMAN: The pair run the only queer social night in town.

JULIA HOLMAN: These long-term Bathurst residents are united in their position, but fear the vote won't go their way. And when you look at rebellions, it leaves carnage. TERRY CASS: We just want to not feel like we're second-rate citizens in our own country and that our relationship means something less than a heterosexual's relationship.

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