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Rainey was awarded a default judgment in February after The Game did not respond to the initial suit.

He said he was not properly served the papers for the case.

If you think your dating life is complicated, perhaps The Game can provide some perspective with a new lawsuit he’s filed against Viacom.

The rapper has slapped Viacom with a million lawsuit, over a contestant on his VH1 reality dating series “She’s Got Game” who had a “long and violent criminal history” prior to being cast on the series.

The show previously filmed in New Orleans at a nightclub, and was unforgettable after Game threatened Young Thug on the mic.

MStars News previously reported that both rappers were going head-to-head following Thug's rants about Lil Wayne.

MStars News has learned that The Game's new dating show seems to be on hold following some crew members' fearing their safety for their lives.

Well, they had started filming and everything seemed to be going well until the feud between Game and Young Thug got hot!

_________________________________ It all started when the game show cast and crew were filming in New Orleans and, no pun intended, started throwing shots at Young Thug.

She ripped his shirt and began attacking him with her fist.” The doctor then added an addendum to his report on Rainey noting that “in moments of jealousy, [Rainey’s] normal composure dissolves, leaving her to acting out of control,” and cautioned that a “very conservative approach is called for” with Rainey, the complaint says.

“Notwithstanding [the doctor’s] recommendation that Rainey should not be allowed to participate on the Show, Defendants felt that she would add a spark to the Show and ignored [the doctor’s] recommendation and allowed her to participate,” the suit reads.

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The Jasmine BRAND reports that Friday (April 1) a judge ordered The Game and Priscilla Rainey to appear in court June 16 for a settlement hearing so that the case does not have to go to trial.