Top 5 dating tips for men

Posted by / 24-Oct-2017 20:00

Why is it that men today do not commit to their relationship and walk away as soon as they realize it is time to give it a name? The problem lies with the way we have formulated a very disposable lifestyle around us.Have you ever seen any young person around you sticking to the same job for a longer period of time?That’s how you stay present in conversations and that’s how you build a rapport.

Just like you should pick a place you’ll be comfortable in, you should make sure you have a back up.It’s natural to be nervous about a first date, but there’s a big difference between being nervous pre-date, and being nervous your date.The less comfortable you are, the less comfortable she’ll be.Just remember: be comfortable, stay present, be a gentlemen and have a plan.For additional, effective dating tips, visit our friends over at the Art of Charm.

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However, the scenario should not have been like this.

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