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The photo set, titled "The 'Hood, the Bad and the Ugly," depicted street-level dealings in Lansdale, the central Hamilton neighbourhood where Santucci and his partner Barbara Milne live and work.It featured shots of sex workers negotiating with potential customers, the subjects apparently oblivious to the lens pointed in their direction.The Conservatives say the bill will crack down on abusive pimps and johns, but Mz.Scream — a former dominatrix who sits on the board of directors of local sex worker support and advocacy group Big Suzies — says it will only further harm sex workers.Until the top court makes it ruling, the laws will remain in effect.

"Even people who are doing quite well economically…She has asked that CBC use her professional pseudonym and not her real name. “When the government thinks it can control what consenting adults can or can’t do — that’s a problem.” Bill C-36 — dubbed the protection of communities and exploited persons act — would make it illegal to sell sexual services in any public spaces where people under the age of 18 “could be” present.Offenders could face a maximum of five years in prison.The living-on-the-avails tenet renders it illegal for independent sex workers to hire security guards or receptionists, she says.And the ban on common bawdy houses has historically pushed prostitution outdoors or into sex workers' own homes, each scenario posing its own set of safety concerns.

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She expects municipalities will try to push sex workers to the fringes of town, or charge them exorbitant licensing fees to stay in business.

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