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We then catalogue their location and contents; scan digital images of them; and manually key them, creating etext at the data entry centers that we've established throughout Asia.These digitized materials are then made available, free of charge, to scholars, translators, teachers, and practitioners worldwide.It is a race against time, as countless books have been lost over the generations and many of the books that do remain are dangerously fragile, held in politically precarious hands, or otherwise inaccessible.

These invaluable texts hold the philosophical, cultural, and religious heritage of endangered Asian cultures dating back more than 2,500 years.This is why William Penn and all those after him believed that the Lenape clans had always only had three divisions ('Turtle, Turkey, and Wolf) when, in fact, they had over thirty on the eve of European contact.Members of each clan were found throughout Lenape territory and clan lineage was traced through the mother.Families were matrilocal; newlywed couples would live with the bride's family, where her mother and sisters could also assist her with her growing family.Subsequently, the Lenape became subjugated and made tributary to first the Susquehannocks, then the Iroquois, even needing their rivals' (superiors') agreement to initiate treaties such as land sales.

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Next with more distant neighbors who spoke the same dialect; and ultimately, with all those in the surrounding area who spoke mutually comprehensible languages, including the Nanticoke people, who lived to their south and west in present western Delaware and eastern Maryland, and the Munsee, who lived to their north.

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