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in that Rob will go on dates with a variety of women in the hopes of finding the one.” MORE: Here's What the Kardashians Looked Like in Their Yearbook Photos!The mother-of-six has already thought up a clever way to weed out the ladies who aren’t there for the right reasons.Chyna gave birth to Dream Kardashian on November 10, 2016.Blac Chyna and Baby Dream Rock Swimsuits at Amber Rose's House: Pics!

“Not only does Kris want to find Rob the perfect girlfriend, she also hopes a dating show will take his mind off Blac Chyna,” the insider adds.

They began dating in January 2016 and got engaged in April of that same year.

One month later, they announced they were expecting a child together.

Following many months of blow-out fights and bitter comments, they’ve said very little about one another ever since.

It's possible the former lovers have actually realized that they must do what is best for their daughter; which means acting like actual grown-ups for a change.

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Rob Kardashian also shared a sweet pic https://t.co/LJOnrvwf ZJ pic.twitter.com/u LINQj5a Lj— Amir Higher (@Amir Higher) May 4, 2017Then in December, Rob posted a series of emotional Snapchats, saying Chyna had left him and taken Dream with her.

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