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One thing i tried with this one is to use multiple phone numbers, but it doesnt work that well if they have spaces around.

:(\s*([2-9]1[02-9]|[2-9][0‌​2-8]1|[2-9][02-8][02‌​-9])\s*)|([2-9]1‌​[02-9]|[2-9][02-8]1|‌​[2-9][02-8][02-9]))\‌​s*(? My test script downloads a file from the internet and prints all the phone numbers in it. I am very interested in how this conversation turned out and need to know if this Re Gex is sturdy enough to use in my app. You can always try it yourself with all kind of numbers you find online, in multiple formats.

I came up with this: Here's a perl script to test it. I can't understand this: "It's easy to get arround until you remove ^ and $ or else I'm able to get around it using [111] [111] [1111]". The international accounts for an optional initial ' ' and country code. Valid matches would be: You'll have a hard time dealing with international numbers with a single/simple regex, see this post on the difficulties of international (and even north american) phone numbers. If you're talking about form validation, the regexp to validate correct meaning as well as correct data is going to be extremely complex because of varying country and provider standards. I interpret the question as looking for a broadly valid pattern, which may not be internally consistent - for example having a valid set of numbers, but not validating that the trunk-line, exchange, etc. North America is straightforward, and for international I prefer to use an 'idiomatic' pattern which covers the ways in which people specify and remember their numbers: The North American pattern makes sure that if one parenthesis is included both are. And while stripping all/most non-numeric characters may work well on the server side (especially if you are planning on passing these values to a dialer), you may not want to thrash the user's input during validation, particularly if you want them to make corrections in another field. Maintaining a complex rule-set which could be outdated at any point in the future by any country in the world does not sound fun.

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sometimes the answer to a problem is to approach it differently. The following regex will catch widely used number and character combinations in a variety of global phone number formats: Positive: 42 555.123.4567 1-(800)-123-4567 567 7(926)1234567 (926) 1234567 792612345567 9261234567 1234567 123-4567 123-89-567 469 123 45 67 89261234567 8 (926) 1234567 926.123.4567 415-555-1234 650-555-2345 (416)555-3456 2 4035555678 1 4 Negative: 926 3 4 8 800 600-APPLE Original source: I believe the Number:: Phone:: US and Regexp:: Common (particularly the source of Regexp:: Common:: URI:: RFC2806) Perl modules could help.